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3 Gun Target, Tripod Stand

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The 6 x 6 tripod target is made from 3/8" AR500 steel for use with pistol, rifle or shotgun in Multi Gun Competition. The sturdy tripod stand supports the target and folds easily for transport. When used for competition, a light spring holds the target upright to resist the wind or uneven ground. When the target is hit, it simply folds back confirming the hit but won't fly off the stand like standard knockovers. The Match official can simply flip the target back up to reset for the next shooter.

When used for practice, a slightly stronger spring is installed that allows the steel gun target to fall back easily when hit, and automatically reset to the shooting position ready for your next shot. Both springs are included with the target.

Overall size: 24 w x 24 dp x 47 h

Shipping weight: 22 lbs

3 Gun Target

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