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Product Code: B70-BT
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The Bird Thrower Adapter can be added to either the Falling Full Pepper Popper or the Falling Mini Pepper Popper to convert it for throwing clay birds (skeet target).  The Adapter is mounted to the base and the thrower arm holds a clay target.   As with any Falling Popper the target must be manually reset.

The Bird/Can thrower is an exciting test of the shooter's shotgun skills. When the main target is hit, it falls back onto the launch arm which throws the secondary target into the air for the second shot. This steel popper target system is recommended to be used with shotgun shooting only.

The Bird/Can Thrower is a manual reset popper featuring an arm that will launch a clay bird (skeet target) or empty aluminum beverage can. The thrower is most effective when firmly staked in place. Four 12" spikes are included for staking the unit. Holes are provided in the legs for staking. The stakes are provided only when ordering the thrower #C03 and not when ordering the adapter by itself.

Overall Size: 6 h x 6 w x 32 dp

Shipping weight: 10 lbs


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