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Crossing Mini Pepper Popper

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The Crossing Mini Pepper Popper includes two 28" Mini Pepper Popper targets mounted to a common base.  When shot the two steel poppers will fall across one another to show which was hit first.   

Use at the end of a stage of fire as a tie breaker!

The metal shooting target stands are mounted to a manual reset base.  When hit, the steel poppers will fall backward, just pull the rope to reset for the next shot.  The movement and ringing when hit gives the shooter both visual and sound feedback of the hit.

The metal shooting target stands are mounted to the base with Grade 8 hardened bolts.  There is an adjustment bolt behind the target that can be used to fine tune the target to fall easier or adjust for uneven ground.

Overall Size: 24 w x 32 dp x 28 h

Shipping weight: 45 lbs

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