.22 Texas Star Target


Spinning Plate Rack, Center Fire

Double Texas Star Target

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The Double Texas Star target features Ten 8" diameter, 3/8" thick AR500 steel targets mounted on the rotating arms of the wheel. The arms are also made from AR500 steel for those shots that are a little off target.

Shoot one of the targets off the arm and the wheel starts rotating. Try to keep up with the moving targets! As you hit each one the wheel may speed up, slow down or even reverse direction. Every shot is a new challenge.

The Texas star targets are easily replaced onto the arms by fitting the stem of the target into a socket on the back of the arm. Simply slide the target under the retaining spring and your ready to shoot again.The arms are mounted with Grade 8 hardened carriage bolts for long life and impact resistance.

The legs of the base on this shooting target for sale simply slide into sockets on the bottom of the post, so setup and transport is easy.

Overall size: 64 w x 35 dp x 72 h

Shipping weight: 190 lbs

CMP Texas Star

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