Dueling Tree
The Dueling Tree is one of the most fun and challenging steel targets available.  The center fire dueling tree features six targets, 6" diameter mounted to a center post.  When hit, the targets flip from side to side.

Two shooters at a time can compete to flip the targets to their opponents side.  The first to get all the targets to the other side wins!

Also featured here is the .22 caliber rimfire dueling tree.  The AR500 dueling tree has six targets, 4" diameter.

All the dueling tree targets are made from AR500 hardened steel for extreme long life and excellent impact resistance.  The center fire targets are made from 3/8" thick AR500, the .22 CAL targets are made from 1/4" thick AR500.
The center fire dueling tree can be used with all handgun and most rifle calibers.  Minimum range is 15 yds for handgun and 100 yds for rifle use. Maximum velocity at impact is 3000 ft/sec.

An armored post option is available for the center fire dueling tree.  This replaces the standard steel center post with an AR500 hardened steel post.

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Dueling Tree, Center Fire

Center fire pistol and rifle 6" Circles flip side to side when hit AR500 Armored Post Option avail..

Dueling Tree, .22 Rimfire

.22 rimfire pistol or rifle 4" circles flip side to side when hit The .22 Rimfire Dueling Tree is..
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