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By Gabe B. February 05, 2016


I am an avid shooter and the owner of a small firearms instruction company out of Colorado. I purchased two full-size IDPA silhouette targets and stands from CMP a little less than two years ago, and I love them. They are the stars of my tactical pistol courses and double as my practice targets when I hit the range to keep my own skills sharp. They have been shot upwards of 10,000 times a piece and have stood up to the abuses of being taken down and put up multiple times a month, transported, long exposure to rain, wind, snow, and mud, and with only minimal maintenance have yet to show any signs of wear. Even the stands, which are not designed to be shot, have been hit multiple times (with common auto-loading handgun calibers) and remain undamaged. Also, their customer services was good and had no problem customizing my target stands for me. Even with the customization, they had them to me quickly and to specification.

As my business grows, it will be CMP targets I buy to meet demand.



By Jeff on September 21, 2014

Great solid product. Took it out over the weekend and had a blast. Shot everything from .30-06 to 8mm to 7.62x54r steel core. Just to test the waters and see how it would compare to other plates. It held up to everything we through at it. Not a single dent or divet. Would recommend to anyone looking for a plate at a reasonable price.


By Drewski on January 22, 2015

super nice! my buddies and I love pinging away at this target! easy to see at 100 yards!


By Matthew on November 22, 2014

Have shot hundreds of rounds of .45 ACP and 9mm. Great sounding gong.


By Doug on December 5, 2014

Very nice product. Set it up at my dad's cabin in Missouri and sighted in several pistols. When the face of the steel gong gets to full of impact marks, just hit it with some rust oleum flat white spray paint, and you have a brand new surface to shoot and continue sighting in your gun. Great product. And it is made right here in Missouri, in the USA. We shot several rounds of 38 special, 357 mag, 9mm, and 22 mag into this steel target gong and the gong surface remains straight and flat with no deformations. All you need is the white spray paint to restore the surface and you are ready to go again. No messing with paper targets.


By jdobbins on June 19, 2015

Great project, took it out yesterday for the first time. 308 at 100 yards doesn't even scratch or dent the plate. The paint does come off but that is to be expected. I am going to be buying more its a blast shooting steal instead of paper


By Jason on November 14, 2014

Awesome! Rugged construction and it works great!


22 Dueling Tree

By E Johnson on December 23, 2014

Super well made. Costs more than the one made by Do-All Traps, but well worth it because it's going to last me a lifetime.


By Torey on June 26, 2015

Awesome target that is fun to shoot all day. Easy to setup and very portable, fits in trunk of sonata with ease. I have already put 1000 rounds on it and it's holding up beautifully. Will buy plate rack and handgun targets next.


By tobster on February 20, 2015

These people are seriously crazy about quality. If I were building this for myself I couldn't have done it better. (I used to be a manufacturing engineer and I had access to all of the appropriate stock and equipment.)


By orbitup on May 7, 2015

This thing is great! Takes a beating and hasn't been damaged at all. It's fun with pistols and rifles. I set it up at 100 yards and hit it with my .17.


Dueling Tree


By John B on April 25, 2015

I purchased this to set up and practice before each and every USPSA match which is every 2 weeks. I am easily able to lift the top half off of the stand and lay it in my suv with the seats folded down, by myself. It is definitely not light but by no means is it TOO HEAVY. VERY high quality construction of all of the parts, the welds are all nice. We shoot this with everything from .45 to .40 to 9mm. I use 2 tent stakes to stake it to the ground and we have yet to have it topple over. The targets swing easily and react appropriately to each shot. Other brands you will have to pay $700-$800 for this piece. After hundreds of rounds on it already, it still looks in mint condition. The center steel has taken numerous direct hits and there looks to be no concerning damage, even on the edges where you might expect it to chip off. Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase and I would buy again. I will be buying CMP targets going forward.


By BillR on January 5, 2015

Nice dueling tree...smoother than the others, but I wish it came apart easier. It's probably best for a spot to just leave it up and not move it around.


By Jeremy on September 29, 2014

Very sturdy and well built dueling tree. Shipped very quickly. Great for practice at the range.


By Amazon Customer on January 9, 2015

Excellent design and construction, but beware it is very addicting...more ammo please!


Texas Star

By M Mattison on June 16, 2015

I bought this for my boyfriend as a birthday present and he loves it! It has been a huge hit with all of our friends and family who enjoy shooting steal targets. The only down side is the price, however you get what you pay for and this target is very high quality.

Happy with this purchase and shoot it every chance I get!


By Carol A on March 9, 2015

I ordered this for our shooting club and everyone who shot it was ecstatic because it was very challenging and lots of fun.


Full Popper

By Jason H November 14, 2014

Heavy duty, and got it in 2 days with Prime.. what's not to love?


By kash22 on June 29, 2015

Great target...much better than shooting paper.


Steel Challenge

By Sharpie1 on October 22, 2014

I am very happy with this steel plate. There are no rough edges and it is very well-finished and painted. The reasons I chose this plate over others is because: 1) the plate appeared to be very well presented and uniform - which I can confirm after seeing it and using it - and 2) price. This is very good value for money.


By R Johnson on February 21, 2015

Great target!!!! Ordered the 10" target Saturday and received it via FedEx Thursday afternoon. Very well packed. I've put 300 rounds of 5.56 at 100yrds on this target without a single ding. Just repainted and start again. Great target good price highly recommended.


Gong Stand with Target

By Craig on May 8, 2015

Works great and assembles easily! Plenty of room around the target which prevents shooting the frame.


By Casey on March 18, 2015

Great construction. Very easy to assemble. Extremely durable to any pistol caliber at close range.


22 Dueling Tree

By varmintshooter on January 20, 2014

I ordered this dueling tree with some Amazon gift cards I received for Christmas and I couldn't be happier! This is a high quality product. It stands about 3' high and the plates swing on a 1/2" metal shaft behind the center upright. The plates are 1/4" thick AR500 steel and a full day of shooting .22LR didn't even hurt them. All I had to do was spray some white paint on every once in a while...which is to be expected. Overall I am very happy...5 stars!


By horsegal on April 13, 2014

We looked at a lot of targets similar to this one before we purchased it. It is everything that was advertised. We really enjoy using it. Worth buying


By Adam G on March 7, 2014

This target works like a charm. Extremely well built, and breaks down for transport. Shipping was quick and if you have a question the company will actually call you back!

The price is higher than some other commercial dueling trees, but I feel the quality is worth it. You get what you pay for.


I purchased the 22 rim fire Dueling Tree and received it in four days. It is very well made and makes practice fun. This Dueling Tree will out last me. Thanks CMP for a good product.

- B.B from TX

Sir - you really make an excellent product! Can't thank you enough. Clean professional finish, and the function is amazing.

- T.K. from TX

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the prompt response that I received on my order. I placed my order on Thursday with a request for an expedited shipment due to my In-Laws arriving sooner than we expected. I was very pleased to find my new Shooting Tree waiting for me when I arrived home from work on Tuesday afternoon. You and your company are top notch in my book. Thanks again.

- C.L. from CO

Shipping was great, target quality was great and this sure beats using paper targets. I cover mine up with plastic (leaving it outdoors at my home shooting range) when it isn't in use. Just un-cover target,spray a little paint on target face and let her rip. very pleasant people to deal with and they should be proud of themselves. JOB WELL DONE

- W.S. from VA

Received the poppers today and WoW! Outstanding quality! Just like the other products we ordered last time. The packaging held up in shipping just fine. Thank you for packing them so well. Many times these days, people won't go the extra mile to ensure their products arrive undamaged. Not the case here. Well done Sir! I really appreciate it. Thank you again for a superior product. My family and friends will get many years of shooting enjoyment out of your awesome targets.

- D.T. from TX


I received my 22 Dueling Tree, my son and I went shooting and we had a fantastic time. Your product worked great. We put a least 500 rounds into it. The targets flipped with no problems. The stand worked great. Others products are 3” targets and I wanted something larger but did not want to pay 300 or 400 dollars. The CMP dueling tree at 4” for $150 was perfect.

- W.S. from MA


The targets I ordered came yesterday and I wish to take the time to tell you what a pleasure it is to deal with a company like yours.You took the time to call me and tell me my targets would be cut the day I ordered them and then sent me an email when you shipped them. That means a lot to a customer and it is easy to see you are a customer orientated company. In the future if we need more targets I will do all I can to see we get them from your company. Thanks again.

- G. B. from IA


Hello, i just wanted to follow up with you on my purchase of my 2/3rd IDPA target. Well, I absolutely LOVE it!!! Its kind of depressing knowing that i've wasted so much ammo on paper targets when i could have been shooting steel and getting much more appreciation out of a nice long range shot. Right now, I'm mainly shooting .223 55-75gr. from 200-505 yards and not only do i enjoy the instant feedback from a "hit", owning this target is giving me a new appreciation and respect for my 16" carbines. Before this target, I had never shot past 210 yards and now that i can get an 80-90% hit rate @505yd. with a stock GI trigger and a cheap $140 scope, my confidence is through the roof. I will never shoot paper again except for making "MOA" claims.

Although I've only shot .223, I'm very pleased with how this target is holding up. There isn't the slightest dent/defect in the steel (have had multiple "hits" on the edge and not 1 chip), just chipped paint and a lead "star". Thanks for offering such great product at an economical price. It also says a lot that you shipped the package the same day i ordered it.

Looking forward to future business.

- D.K. from PA


My swinger and pop up targets have been a joy! Extremely durable and allows more time shooting than settin up targets. Great for 35 and 100 yard shots. We were using .308, 5.56, 30-06, 7.62x39, and 7.62x54. All fmj and soft tip. There was barely a dent in the target. No more scrounging for targets! These are gunna last for years! The best part is that the price is extremely reasonable. And easy to set up on your range!

- J.B. from MO


I did an in-depth comparison before purchasing your superior product and I must tell you, you have the best product on the market in my opinion and at a competitive price as well. Your service is first rate and I will highly recommend your products in the future to all! Thank you for a great experience and the best product on the market!

- S.S. from FL


As the President and main instructor of MO-TAC SYSTEMS, a Swat Training company, it is necessary to get as much out of a training day as possible. Using Custom Metal Products target has done just that. Not having to change targets after each evolution has enhanced our training and improved student marksmanship. The quality and functionality is second to none and I would recommend these products to anyone who enjoys shooting or owns a firearms ranges anywhere.

- Terrence McGinnis, MO-TAC SYSTEMS


I recently received a Dueling Tree for my birthday - What a GREAT gift! I recently used it on an annual outing with about 10 others, shooting .40, .357, .44, .45 and 9mm at the target. In the past, we probably spent a collective 60 to 90 minutes resetting targets, setting up cans and replacing paper targets during our shooting contests. The Dueling Tree was perfect! Set it up once and get down to business the rest of the time. It worked great and much better than any other targets I've used in the past.

- M.K. from MO


This new steel target I bought from Custom Metal Products (CMP) for a total cost including shipping of $91, is easily one of the best pickups I made in some time. I only needed to have one extremely fun day with it and my AR's to know just how great these steel targets are.

I won't go too deep as I think my videos above should do all the talking combined with the few pictures I'm posting, but I do feel obligated to throw a bit of love to CMP given how damn pleased I'm with my purchase, and also the fact that I had an email from the company president less than 30mins after ordering informing me that my order was about to be shipped(this was monday...received it on weds.) and wanted to know if I had any comments, suggestions, or questions for him at that time. Straight first class gent, and I research forever about this AR500 target business and his prices were the very best I found on the net.

So ask yourself, is that target in my video's worth a bit less than a $100 bill....I submit hell yes it is, do yourself and your shooting game a favor, and look into getting your own steel setup for your AR's.

- A.C. from AL (via posting on

I cannot thank you enough for taking on the design and manufacture of my new ranch entrance sign. You all went above and beyond and exceeded all my expectations. After much research I am really glad I found Custom Metal Products. Great job guys! Please use me as a reference.

- D.S. from MO, Lazy S Ranch

After you did such a great job on my ranch entrance sign I ordered one of your plate racks. I am totally satisfied with your plate rack and very impressed with the quality and thickness of the plates, the stand and price. I have shot at many different ranges and your design is definitely sturdier than your competitors. This first weekend we had the rack my two boys and myself shot over 900 rounds at it (9mm, 40 cal and 45 ACP). No dents and the only problem was we shot all our ammo because it was such a fun time.

I have passed along your web site to several friends who have shot at my place and believe they will be ordering their own!

Great product at a great price!

- D.S. from MO, Lazy S Ranch