Precision Varmint Shooting Bench

Precision Varmint Shooting Bench, without Top/Seat

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The CMP Precision Varmint Bench is compact, stable and sturdy, and allows you to shoot in any direction. The long tube-in-a-socket post design and the precision machined bronze thrust bearing insure silky smooth, chatter free rotation. 

The three-legged design means the shooters bench is always stable. The legs slide into sockets on the base and can be adjusted in length for stability. The seat is adjustable for height and distance to the pivot, and revolves with the bench top. Multiple holes on the parts allow adjustments to suit your body size and shooting style, and the legs and seat are secured with retaining pins. The shooters bench is quickly and easily assembled, and breaks down into just a few pieces for easy transit or storage.

The bench rest shooting kit places the shooter on a short seat bracket, keeping him very close to the center of rotation for precise target tracking. In addition, being close to the center insures the bench will not tip due to the shooter’s weight, and you can swivel to any shooting direction, smoothly and easily.

This bench rest shooting kit does not include the Top and Seat if you would like to make them yourself.  A dimension drawing of our Top and Seat is included for reference.

Overal Size: 50" w x 50" dp x 39" h

Shipping Weight: 40 lbs

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