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The battleboXXX target system has answered the need for not only law enforcement and the  military, but also the outdoor shooting enthusiast. The target system is a game designed to hone your shooting skills. Whether you're a professional shooter, a sports enthusiast, or don't have time to go on that hunting trip, but like to shoot, we have the gun shooting target system for you.
Many target manufactures are making targets out of steel plates or paper. Many require you to wait 3 to 5 seconds for the target to come up, with a warning to not shoot while target is moving for fear of damage to the mechanism. The battleboXXX target system is designed differently.
 It is a fast action robotic target system complete with shot counters
 It is modular and can be set up anywhere
 The target system will transmit up to a mile away
 No more staying indoors on windy days, battleboXXX can be shot in 50 mph winds
 Shoot as soon as you can get another shot, no waiting for the target to reset
 The targets have been thoroughly tested with 22LR, .556 and .308
 Designed for both pistols and rifles
The gun shooting targets can be used with all handgun and most rifle calibers.  Minimum range is 15 yds for handgun and 100 yds for rifle use. Minimum range is 15 yds for 22 rimfire pistol or rifle. 
Maximum velocity at impact is 3000 ft/sec.
Custom Metal Products is the premier source for pistol targets and rifle targets.



The battleboxxx is a fast action robotic shooting target system complete wi..


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