Sniper Target, Shoot Reset, 0.38" AR500


Hostage Target, Full Torso

Sniper Target, Shoot Reset, 0.50" AR500

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Sharpen your rifleman skills with this new Sniper Target which offers three targets in one. Hitting the full size IDPA torso is for the basic rifleman, or aim for the the 4" diameter cutout in the chest for the more advanced rifleman. The precision shooter will go for the head shot, the eye opening is only 3.5" x 1.75"

When the chest or eye opening is hit, the reactive target flips to the side of the torso.  Shoot it again to flip it back! This tactical training equipment requires no manual resetting, just keep shooting!

These resetting shooting targets are 3/8" thick and serve most calibers. The 1/2" thick targets are for the larger magnum rounds.

Minimum rifle range is 100 yards, maximum bullet velocity is 3000 fps at impact. Not for .50 BMG!


Overall size: 24 w x 34 dp x 55 h

Shipping weight: 112 lbs

Sniper Target

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