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The Tombstone Shooting Rack features 5 tombstone shape targets, each smaller than the one before it. The shooter must knock down the first target to reveal the next. The smaller and smaller targets get more challenging as they appear.

The targets are reset by pulling a rope which raises all the targets at the same time. Target sizes are; 16 h x 9 w; 12 h x 7 w; 10 h x 6 w; 9 h x 5 w; 8 h x 4 w.

All the tombstone targets are made from 3/8" thick AR500 steel for extreme long life and excellent impact resistance.  The front of the frame is shielded by an AR500 steel deflector plate.  The targets are bolted to the reset mechanism eliminating welding on the AR500 and allowing the targets to be easily replaced.  An adjustment bolt sets the sensitivity of the target to falling, allowing adjustment for power factor for different loads being shot

Overall dimensions are 54 h x 29 w x 84 long

Shipping weight: 200 lbs

Shipping: LTL Freight, FOB Weldon Spring MO

Tombstone Rack

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