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Bianchi Plate Rack, Center Fire

X-Ring Plate Rack

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The X-Ring Plate Rack features six 8" diameter AR500 Steel Targets, 3/8" thick mounted to a common frame. Inside the 8" targets is a 4" hole with another target behind it. Shoot the center out of the target to score an X! If you hit the outer 8" target, both targets will fall.

Includes fully automatic, pneumatic reset with competition controller. The controller is programmable to set the timing for the match, and will sound a buzzer to start and stop the match. A pneumatic lock is also used to prevent targets from being shot before or after the buzzer.

Connect to the controller via built-in wifi signal and operate the X-Ring Plate Rack from your phone or tablet!

This unit requires 110v AC power and compressed air to run the pneumatics.

AR500 steel absorbs bullet impact without damage. The plate rack targets are bolted to the pivot mechanism eliminating any welding on the AR500 steel. The front deflector is angled downward at 45 degrees to safely direct missed shots toward the ground and protects the mechanism.

For rifle shooting an AR500 Deflector is available that replaces the front deflector. Select the Option button to add the AR500 Deflector to your order.

Overall dimensions: 120 wide x 47 high to centerline of targets x 40 deep at base of legs.

The targets are 20" center to center distance, Bianchi spacing.

Shipping weight: 600 lbs

Shipping: LTL Freight, FOB Weldon Spring MO

X-Ring Plate Rack

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